BizCalories develop Software to automate or ease clerical tasks and data analysis, BizCalories develop and structure these application as per your requirements to be best suited for your work only.
You can save hundreds of thousands of dollars and hundreds of labor hours by having your own software designed and structured for your needs and to perform the most time consuming clerical tasks.

Bizcalories develop software or Applications such as reconciliation tools, email automation software, bulk email sending softwares which sends emails to your contacts list in your excel spreadsheet, and any other clerical application, any software that you can imagine for your clerical work.

BizCalories also provides Bookkeeping training, actually I have worked as accountant with different companies for the past 7 years and now I am providing training and develop software that helps accountants, BizCalories also provides Quickbooks and Excel training for Database design and formulas. BizCalories takes every job extremely seriously and focus on each job's details to provide what’s required with its best quality. BizCalories is more than happy to help your employees with bookkeeping, job costing, QuickBooks, Microsoft excel , Microsoft excel with advanced database functions, Microsoft excel with visual basic macros. I am a full time employee at Texas Association of School Boards given this to avoid any conflict of interest BizCalories WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WORK WITH YOU if you have any kind of business with Texas Association of School Boards and BuyBoard.